The girls waited on the side of the road, two drenched kittens under the mercy of the torrential downpour that has been soaking Sector 7 for days. They needed to get out, fast, but it was nearly hopeless as there was a shortage of everything, especially taxis.

Siouxie was tall, slender and looked more alien then human with her wide violet eyes, thin face and short black hair. Her posture mimicked that of the tall buildings around her. With a bit of an ironic smirk she looked up at them towering before her. Some things can’t be forgotten, she thought.

Siouxie was a hybrid, a freak of all Seven Sectors that were established after the earth split. When it happened, cities fell into giant cracks, mountains collapsed, the topsy-turvy shaking caused all of the continents to smash into one another, sending up mammoth mountain ranges in some areas while others were given to the sea. Now all that is left is a giant landmass separated either by deep gorges, mountains, or boiling seas.

Since she was born, they’ve had to hide her. She had the gene that the Minister’s people, the Maurers, have been trying to wipe out before, as they put it, “our kind” was extinct. As an infant, their mother claimed her blind, putting tape over her eyelids in case the Minister saw that her slate grey baby eyes had the hint of violet that is so well known with hybrids. Since The Minister didn’t realize that a baby would show signs of their “weakness” that early, he had no problem believing her as he oversaw his head Maurer implant the red number 7 under the skin of her right forearm. The color red represented the volcano’s that changed the temperature of the seas, the blood shed during the Great Shift, and the colors of the Ministry.

Each sector had their own unique color and number. The Red House resided just at the top of the mountains beyond Sector 7, so that was their color.  Siouxie despised the color red.

Reenie was not as confident as her sister, nor was she a hybrid, but she would go to the ends of the earth with her. With green hair matted to her face, brown eyes darting back and forth, she turned her head like a stuck corkscrew, not trusting her surroundings.

“Will you stop that? You look way too obvious!” Siouxie said as she stretched a long arm out to pull her sister in tight to her body. “Oh, like your monster height and neon iris’s aren’t a giveaway, right?” Reenie said sarcastically as her head tilted back so she could look into Siouxie’s sunglass covered eyes.  “And yeah, who the hell wears sunglasses in the rain?!”

“They’re to protect my eyes from the acid pollution,” she said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Now come on keep looking!!”

They knew that time was closing in, the Maurers surely discovered that she was missing from the HDC (Hybid Detention Center) so Siouxie took it upon herself to speed things up. She looked mischievously down at her sister, her violet eyes suddenly alight with an inner spark.  The light warmed Reenie’s face and she reached up to grab her sister’s cheeks, pulling her face down to her level. Reenie begged, “Don’t do it, please Sioux, they’ll see us, at…” but the colors started and she knew it was too late.

Siouxie’s eyes swirled eerily, dancing in shades of blue and green, the colors and energy of the old earth, long gone, but now trapped inside the cells of every hybrid.  The earth energy comes out in their eyes. It makes things happen.  Sixioue smiled and looked for the next “off duty” taxi to drive by.

Reenie slunk to the ground, defeated, not giving a damn if her ass was in a giant puddle. “I hate when she does that.”

Three seconds later a cab screeched to the curb and the girls were in. The driver, obviously under her spell, his eyes a kaleidoscope of swirling bright hues. The car took off, the girls were safe for now.

“See Reenie?” says Siouxie enthusiastically, patting the top of the driver’s head in front of her. “That wasn’t so bad”.  Reenie rolls her eyes and is relieved that Siouxie’s own have turned back to the color of lilacs.

Siouxie says something next that takes Reenie for total surprise, the swirls forming again before she utters a word. Oh shit, thought Reenie.

“Have you ever seen a taxi fly?!!”


Playing with fiction at the Speakeasy this week. I think this one was inspired of my reading The Hunger Games lately.  Our prompt was Elton John Singing “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”. The one liner to fit anywhere in the story was “Some things can’t be forgotten.”

Click below to read everyone’s creative genius. Or join along. It’s fun!

21 replies

  1. What an odd story! I thought you did a great job injecting pieces of the back-story without turning it into something else. If you continued this story or made a mini-series out of it, I could see it being an effective way to talk about racism and prejudice. Very cool, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hey, thanks for reading it! I’m actually thinking of expanding this one just for fun at some point. There’s definitely a lot to play with here.

  3. This is great! What a fascinating world you’ve created here – I would love to read more about this world and these sisters. What a wonderful, creative use of the prompts, Jen! :)

  4. I could sense a bit of the Hunger Games influence, but you turned it into something wonderfully different. Count me among those that would like to see more. Great story!

  5. This is a fascinating world you’ve created. I think I’d like to read more about it. I really enjoyed the originality of this and Siouxie’s most interesting powers. Much fun!

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