An Open Letter To Mothers Of Grown Children.


My fellow blog friend posted this the other day. Being a mom is tough stuff, especially when we don’t have mothers or older moms to help us. We kind of make it up as we go along. Or consult Google. Which, btw, always makes me feel like a total failure.

In this piece, Dawn speaks to the moms of older children–the strangers that give us a reassuring look when they see us out with our own kids. And how they may not realize that a gentle smile from them can give us hope that we may just be doing it right, after all.

Originally posted on W.T.F. :

open letter

You always give yourself away, by the way you smile at me and my young children. Your eyes soften and for a split second, I can see you swimming in a flood of memories. It’s usually a blended look of, “I miss when my kids were that age” and “Good God, I don’t miss that!”

Either way, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for compassionately connecting your eyes with mine, offering silent understandings and acknowledgment that I am doing the best I can, when I’m about to lose my shit in public. You laugh at my last ditch efforts to keep my kids from melting in the check out aisle, with food I haven’t even paid for yet. I can always count on a kind, “I’ve been there, honey!” from you.

Thank you for telling me my babies are beautiful, even when my daughter has smears of grape jelly still upside her face from lunch…

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